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TANK - is a young adult male shepherd/chow mix approx. 2 years old. He is an energetic
bundle of love who was surrendered in the late fall of ‘08. You can’t help but fall in love
with him as soon as you meet. He spent most of his short life chained to a shed and was always
kept outside with little attention and affection. In spite of that, he loves people and always
has kisses for everyone!
He is a little sensitive about things being around his neck,
so a harness works wonderfully with him.

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He would not be a good candidate for a home with VERY small children because
of his high energy level and need for obedience training - however, he does love
children and would be a perfect playmate for children 10 years old and up. He loves
people and gives wonderful, slobbery kisses. He has been neutered and he is already
current on his vaccinations. He is housebroken and loves soft squeaky toys, tennis balls,
and nylabones. He loves to be outside in nice weather but requires daily attention from
his humans and never wants to be chained outside on his own again. He is the ideal dog
for someone who is interested in continued training to fine tune his wonderful attributes.
He already knows a few basic commands, he is very intelligent, very treat motivated and
learns very quickly. He is not a couch potato dog - he would make an excellent jogging
or hiking companion. He enjoys the company of other dogs and even has a cat buddy
We feel he will be an incredibly devoted dog to the person who adopts him,
giving back every ounce of love many times over! Please consider giving TANK
his forever home.
You can email us at info@jacksonslegacy.org to ask about TANK
or any of our adoptable dogs.

To print an adoption application click here

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